Change is long overdue in addiction recovery! Decades of the same addiction recovery programs where relapse seems to run rampant, and successful sobriety is uncommon, it is time for a complete re-evaluation of the fundamentals. In the real world, when something is broken and not working, you fix it, or suffer the consequences. The consequences in this case are all too often death! Making the right choice in Step 3 can be the difference between life or death!     

The choice you make in step 3 can easily be the difference between life or death! It will absolutely determine your future sobriety and whether you relapse again or not. Tradition shows that step 3 is where either recovery or relapse begins or ends! Tradition also shows that millions fail at this point in their recovery. The reason is quite obvious, but difficult to see through the thick trees at the edge of the forest! The Step 3 Addiction Recovery program will show you how to find relapse free recovery!  

 FINALLY... AN ADDICTION RECOVERY PROGRAM THAT WORKS !                                           IT WORKS BECAUSE OUR GOD IN STEP 3 IS JESUS CHRIST !                                                                                                   A SAVIOR WHO HAS NEVER BROKEN A PROMISE OR FAILED ANYONE !                                                                                            A SAVIOR WHO IS THE ONLY GOD WHO CAN ANSWER YOUR PRAYERS WITH THE                                                      MIRACLE YOU NEED TO BE SET FREE FROM YOUR ADDICTIONS TO DRUGS AND ALCOHOL !   


 Phase 2

 When our residents finish the first 40 Days in the Wilderness Addiction Recovery Bible Study Program, (phase 1), they will move into the next phase of the program, and a different sober living home where they can stay for an indefinite period of time. While living in these homes, our residents will be expected to maintain sobriety, and mature in their relationship with Jesus. They will be required to work and pay rent and upkeep of the property, and a tithe to help grow the ministry. Those who come to us unemployed, will be offered employment within one of our own businesses that have been established to grow and support our ministry and provide our members with employment that will teach them job skills, as well as life skills at the same time. They will be offered the opportunity to grow within the ministry and the businesses at the same time. It is a win-win formula for both our members and the growth of the ministry. It is the mission and goal of this ministry, as it grows, to continuously be opening new businesses in various creative fields, to offer our members a wide choice of career opportunities to help solidify and expand their futures, and to grow with-in the ministry. Whether they choose to stay with us or go out on their own, we provide them with a future filled with hope, rather than the despair that their addictions had led them into!

 As our residents grow and mature in their Faith and sobriety, so grows the ministry from with-in. As our residents spend more time with us they will be offered management positions in the group homes, as well as the businesses they work in, according to their qualifications, ambition, and desires. As we grow locally, there will be future opportunities to travel and relocate to future geographical locations. When God is building, there are no anchors or limitations!

We believe that many of the residents who have joined our program are very gifted and talented men and women who found themselves lost and trapped in the bondage of addictions and have lost all hope. It is our mission to restore that hope by sharing The Good News of Salvation through Jesus Christ with them. And offering them a second chance, (or even a tenth chance if that be the case) and an opportunity to turn their lives around and become the person God created them to be, by being set free from addictions. We suspect many will be grateful for that opportunity and eager to prove their gratitude by working with us to expand the program, and share their success with others who are still trapped in their addictions. Again, a win/win situation for everyone. We will be looking for new members with special talents who can use them to advance our ministry. We will create new businesses based on members special talents and skills.         

Another crucial part of the ongoing success of The Step 13 Addiction Recovery Program is the continuous study of God’s Word, and the fellowship and Bible Studies among other members of the program. God’s Word and fellowship offers an opportunity to give and receive encouragement between one another. The residents of our phase 2 group homes will be encouraged to continue to live sober, productive, Christian lifestyles. One on one mentorship will always be available to any of our residents whenever they feel the need. We will all, always be family, first and foremost!

The future growth of The Step 13 Addiction Recovery Program will always be our primary goal and mission as we all work together to share our gratitude for our Salvation and sobriety with others.

 As we recognize the millions of lost souls still struggling with their addictions and the dark world that Jesus has set us free from, we will be anxious and determined to fulfill the words of Jesus in Matthew 28: 19-20, “Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost: 20 Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you: and, lo, I am with you always, even unto the end of the world. Amen”.

Your stay in phase 2 of The Step 13 Addiction Recovery Program is indefinite, and up to you. Some of you will choose to stay for a long time, others will choose other paths as your continued sobriety and Faith opens new opportunities for you. No matter your choice, the doors here will always be open to you, and God will always be here to welcome you home! Our goal as we grow, is to expand into many different enterprises that will allow our residents opportunities to learn and expand their careers. Our vision is vast, and with God leading the way, there should be few obstacles on the path.

Promotions and advancements in our group homes as well as in the various businesses will always be from within, allowing our residents great chances to grow within the ministry. We anticipate expanding this ministry into other Cities and States as time and resources allow, creating opportunities for our members to travel.

While most addiction recovery programs focus on sobriety and drugs and alcohol, alcoholics and addicts live in constant fear of relapse! And rightfully so! Because we know that Jesus Christ has delivered us from our addictions through our Salvation, we can concentrate on living our “new Life in Him” (2 Cor. 5:17) without fear of relapse! Jesus has never broken a promise. As long as we are living our lives according to His Word, and according to what we learned in the 40 Days in the Wilderness Program, we have no reason to fear relapse.We are excited about the future of The Step 13 Addiction Recovery Group Home Program and your future with us! We are anxious to watch God’s work in you during your stay with us! 


​A fundamental part of The Step 13 Addiction Recovery Program and its future success, will be our various community relations projects. We recognize its value in building personal moral character as well as, and at the same time building a strong relationship with the communities in which our residents reside. We want our neighbors to see our program as an asset, not a distraction. This is another reason why our old dysfunctional behavior won’t be tolerated. We don’t want the name and reputation of The Step 13 Addiction Recovery Program to be tarnished, but to become a pillar of the community! Or more importantly, a beacon of God’s light!                           

We are excited about the future of The Step 13 Addiction Recovery Group Home Program and your future with us! We are anxious to watch God work in you during your stay with us!