Change is long overdue in addiction recovery! Decades of the same addiction recovery programs where relapse seems to run rampant, and successful sobriety is uncommon, it is time for a complete re-evaluation of the fundamentals. In the real world, when something is broken and not working, you fix it, or suffer the consequences. The consequences in this case are all too often death! Making the right choice in Step 3 can be the difference between life or death!     

The choice you make in step 3 can easily be the difference between life or death! It will absolutely determine your future sobriety and whether you relapse again or not. Tradition shows that step 3 is where either recovery or relapse begins or ends! Tradition also shows that millions fail at this point in their recovery. The reason is quite obvious, but difficult to see through the thick trees at the edge of the forest! The Step 3 Addiction Recovery program will show you how to find relapse free recovery!  

​  FINALLY... AN ADDICTION RECOVERY PROGRAM THAT WORKS !                                  IT WORKS BECAUSE OUR GOD IN STEP 3 IS JESUS CHRIST !                                                                                                   A SAVIOR WHO HAS NEVER BROKEN A PROMISE OR FAILED ANYONE !                                                    A SAVIOR WHO IS THE ONLY GOD WHO CAN ANSWER YOUR PRAYERS WITH THE MIRACLE YOU NEED TO BE SET FREE FROM YOUR ADDICTIONS TO DRUGS AND ALCOHOL !   


To Phase 1

Welcome to the first phase of the Step 13 Addiction Recovery Group Home Program, where you will spend the next 40 days in our “40 Days in the Wilderness Addiction Recovery Group Home Program”. Here you will discover exactly what God says about your addictions according to His Word, The Holy Bible, and how He can help you overcome them if you’re ready to follow Him! Your 40 days here will begin with a daily devotional reading from the book, “40 Days in the Wilderness Devotionals and Addiction Recovery Bible Study Program”, followed throughout the day with a schedule of Bible studies followed with prayer time and fellowship based on that day’s message and topic.

This is a non-denominational Bible based program teaching only God’s Word and basic fundamental Truths, and avoiding denominational doctrine that can often confuse and discourage new believers, and perhaps interfere with addiction recovery. God’s Word and Truth are rejected and missing in all traditional secular 12-step addiction recovery programs, therefore those programs will not be part of ours. Our program is based on God's Word and Truth!

We believe that God is sufficient for all our needs. (2 Cor. 3:5) And we believe that the Word of God and the Wisdom it provides in The 40 Days in the Wilderness Addiction Recovery Program is sufficient to lead our members to Salvation and Sobriety!

We recognize that most of our residents will come to us broken, defeated, and hopeless after years of addictions that may have begun in childhood, consequently robbing them of any conscious contact with The One True Living God of the Bible and His Church, the Christian community. Many others may come to us after years of failed attempts at recovery in secular 12-step programs where false teachings have hidden The One True Living God of the Bible’s Truth! A program that teaches blasphemy, rather than God’s Love and Sovereignty, and ignores The Gospel of His Son, Jesus Christ!No matter how or why you’re here, it is our mission here at The Step 13 Addiction Recovery Group Home Program, through “The 40 Days in the Wilderness Devotionals and Addiction Recovery Bible Study Program” in phase 1, to teach our residents exactly what God’s Word says in detail about their addictions, and the consequences associated with them. Your 40 day stay here in phase 1 and participation intensely studying God’s Word should prepare you for your new life in sobriety and in the Christian community. In phase 2 you will have an additional opportunity to advance your new Christian lifestyle and sobriety in the secular world and workplace where Christians face real temptations every day, and have their Faith tested. Staying in the phase 2 group homes indefinitely, offers our residents a shelter from the storm of temptations until they believe they can safely navigate the cold, dark, sinful world of satan. Building Faith and confidence in their relationship with Jesus Christ is our number one goal throughout our program.