Change is long overdue in addiction recovery! Decades of the same addiction recovery programs where relapse seems to run rampant, and successful sobriety is uncommon, it is time for a complete re-evaluation of the fundamentals. In the real world, when something is broken and not working, you fix it, or suffer the consequences. The consequences in this case are all too often death! Making the right choice in Step 3 can be the difference between life or death!     

The choice you make in step 3 can easily be the difference between life or death! It will absolutely determine your future sobriety and whether you relapse again or not. Tradition shows that step 3 is where either recovery or relapse begins or ends! Tradition also shows that millions fail at this point in their recovery. The reason is quite obvious, but difficult to see through the thick trees at the edge of the forest! The Step 3 Addiction Recovery program will show you how to find relapse free recovery!  

A fundamental part of The Step 13 Addiction Recovery Group Home Program and its future success, will be our commitment to various community relations projects. We recognize its value in building personal moral character amongst our members as well as, and at the same time building a strong relationship with the communities in which our residents reside. We want our neighbors to see our program as an asset, not a distraction. This is another reason why our old dysfunctional behavior must change, and won’t be tolerated. We don’t want the name and reputation of The Step 13 Addiction Recovery Program to be tarnished, but to become a pillar of the community! Or more importantly, a beacon of God’s light! In addition to sharing God's Truth, we want to let our neighbors and community know that there is hope for alcoholics and addicts to turn their lives around!                             

We are excited about the future of The Step 13 Addiction Recovery Group Home Program and our future in your community. As addictions continue to grow rampantly around the world, and in your neighborhood, it is our goal and mission to work tirelessly within our communities and with our neighbors to make a positive impact and a difference. We encourage our neighbors to join with us in this endeavor. You will witness many miracles being performed every day in The Step 13 Addiction Recovery Group Homes in your neighborhood!    

We are excited to watch God work in your neighborhood during our stay with you as neighbors! 

   FINALLY... AN ADDICTION RECOVERY PROGRAM THAT WORKS !                                                                 IT WORKS BECAUSE OUR GOD IN STEP 3 IS JESUS CHRIST !                                                                                                    A SAVIOR WHO HAS NEVER BROKEN A PROMISE OR FAILED ANYONE !                                                      A SAVIOR WHO IS THE ONLY GOD WHO CAN ANSWER YOUR PRAYERS WITH THE MIRACLE                                 YOU NEED TO BE SET FREE FROM YOUR ADDICTIONS TO DRUGS AND ALCOHOL !