Change is long overdue in addiction recovery! Decades of the same addiction recovery programs where relapse seems to run rampant, and successful sobriety is uncommon, it is time for a complete re-evaluation of the fundamentals. In the real world, when something is broken and not working, you fix it, or suffer the consequences. The consequences in this case are all too often death! Making the right choice in Step 3 can be the difference between life or death!     

The choice you make in step 3 can easily be the difference between life or death! It will absolutely determine your future sobriety and whether you relapse again or not. Tradition shows that step 3 is where either recovery or relapse begins or ends! Tradition also shows that millions fail at this point in their recovery. The reason is quite obvious, but difficult to see through the thick trees at the edge of the forest! The Step 3 Addiction Recovery program will show you how to find relapse free recovery!  

FINALLY... AN ADDICTION RECOVERY PROGRAM THAT WORKS !                                          IT WORKS BECAUSE OUR GOD IN STEP 3 IS JESUS CHRIST !                                                      



3 fundamental questions for acceptance into our program…

#1  Do you want to be set free from your addictions? _______

#2  Do you recognize and understand that only God can accomplish that for you?  ________

#3  Do you understand that Jesus Christ is the only One True Living God of the Bible? _________

For those who answer no to any of these questions, or hesitate in their response, we will invite you to pray and ask Jesus Christ into your lives as Lord and Savior! 

The only requirement for acceptance into our program is a Love for Jesus Christ, and a willingness to follow and serve Him! 

It is critical for this program, and for its members to be successful in their addiction recovery, to recognize the reliance that we all need in Jesus Christ and His Gospel, to live according to His plan for us as Saved and Sober Christians. 

I understand that The Step 13 Addiction Recovery Program is a dedicated Christian Addiction recovery program, void of any secular 12-steps, or psychological or medical treatment. We are completely reliant on The Word of God for our addiction recovery. We are not a detox facility, but a group home where we will be expected to reside clean and sober at all times. After the original "40 Days in the Wilderness Addiction Recovery Bible Study Program" which is Phase 1, in Phase 2 we will be required to pay weekly room and board that will be outlined below. We will be expected to follow all house rules and regulations, and understand that there will be fines and penalties for failing to do so. 

The cost for Phase 1 of our program is based on room and board, (operating expenses, including rent, utilities, food, staff, and other misc. costs). Residents will be responsible for their own personal food, medications, personal hygiene, and toiletries, as well as any special dietary foods.​​ Currently, the cost for Phase 1 is set at $2500. Because of expected long waiting lists we will require a minimum of a 50% deposit to reserve a bed in the next available group home and Phase 1 program. You can submit that deposit to us through the "Donate" button below. Upon receipt, we will contact you with an exact time and location of the next available opening. Costs can be negotiated and payments can be arranged.